TopmountVs UndermountKitchen Sink

irst thing you need to know (that is if you have yet to know): sinks are categorized by how they can be mounted into your countertop or their number of bowls. We’ll discuss the bowls later.

Now, regarding the mounting, there are topmounts— also called “drop-in”— which can be placed in the available cavity with the edge being atop the counter, and there are undermounts which cling to the under surface, rather. The main thing that differentiates the two types is that topmounts require less effort than undermounts to install.

There are, of course, other reasons why we prefer one to the other. Besides that above, people also consider the aesthetics, practical uses and the price of the two. Let’s take a quick look.




+It’s easier to swipe residues down from the counter into the sink -Residues would get caught at the edges
+Appears better aesthetically (shows off the counter with a seamless look) -Looks bulgy
-Counter edges are exposed +Protects the edges of the counter from chipping (especially marble)
-Less available for modifications +Easy to replace if there’s the need
-Costs more +Costs less

In reality, the general opinion tips toward the undermounts’ favor. Apparently, most of us would be happy to pay a bit extra for the style and practicality. After all, that’s what kitchens are all about. Although it’s more difficult to uninstall undermounts, I doubt that would be a regular thing. We buy one and we stick with it, through thick and thin!

Ok, that’s stretching. But the point is: replacing our sink is not something we do frequently. So either a sink can be taken out with ease or not seems irrelevant in most cases.

And the chipping with marble or anything of the sort can be effectively solved with one simple solution: a rounded edge (or a radius edge).

So yeah, undermounts all the way.

I know I sound biased towards the undermounts but it’s not without causes, and not just me.

I’ve had both, and undermount is the one in my kitchen right now. The sink at my old house, the first sink, was a topmount. I didn’t think much about it back then. But once I got the undermount, topmounts immediately fell to the bottom of my list.


  • How easy they are to set up, however, should not be a standard for you to consider a quick DIY if you haven’t any experience. Setting up sinks, if not done right, can root to many annoyances.
  • Ask for advice on the space under your cabinet since undermounts would normally occupy more space than topmounts.
  • Also, seek guidance on the countertop structure before picking up a sink, for its weight might create pressure on the frame.

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