Tips to Buy Best Commercial Bathroom Seats for Different Commercial Spaces

Commercial Bathroom Seats Manufacturers

Over time, the toilet seat and toilet accessories requirements have changed. Unlike the old times, commercial toilets no longer have a standard toilet seat that fits both residential and commercial use. At present, we have different types of commercial seats available in the market that are highly functional and suitable for public use. Commercial bathroom seats manufacturers have integrated different features in these toilet seats to make them suitable for several commercial settings.

Though, when it comes to buying commercial toilet seats, people often tend to make mistakes in buying them. It is because they are unaware of what to check when buying toilet seats for commercial purposes. To solve your dilemma of choosing the best commercial toilet seat, we are sharing a few tips in this blog.

Ask about the material it is made of – Before you invest in a commercial bathroom seat, do not forget to ask the commercial bathroom seat manufacturers about the material. Toilet seats are manufactured using a variety of thermoplastics. We all know that commercial toilets are used more often, which is why one must go for high-grade thermoplastic. It will help in buying sturdy and durable toilet seats for long-lasting use. Ask the manufacturers about the toilet seats made using duroplast. It is a hard material with a smooth & glossy finish and scratch resistant, making it best for commercial toilet seats.

Ask for the U-shape toilet seats – For commercial settings like offices, malls, stores, and commercial buildings; one must always ask for U-shape toilet seats. According to the IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) requirement, one must install U-shape toilet seats only for any commercial toilet space. These open-front toilet seats are considered more hygienic in comparison to other toilet seats. It helps one not touch the seat when wiping off their parts after doing their business. Also, it safeguards one from any remains left on the front side of the toilet seat.

Check the size of the commercial bathroom seat – Commercial bathroom seats are available in different sizes, and they vary according to the shape and size of toilet bowls. Before asking the commercial bathroom seat manufacturers to show some commercial seats, share the size requirement. It is always better to take the measurement or take help from a plumber to know the exact measurements. The size of the toilet seat should be such that it can easily and accurately fit on the toilet bowl. Also, let the manufacturer know whether you have an oval shape or round shape, or square shape toilet seat.

With the help of these tips, you will not face any problems in buying the perfect commercial bathroom seat for your space. If you are worried about finding the right commercial bathroom seat manufacturers to buy from, stop looking any further. Pearl Sinks is a well-known commercial bathroom seat manufacturer offering a variety of bathroom seats for both commercial and residential needs. For a long-lasting and best-finish bathroom seat at an affordable price, buy from Pearl Sinks.

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